The Killing of Sully Bupkis

This is the madcap rollicking black humoured tale of Sully Bupkis, prodigy, charity worker and good old Catholic boy. Everything is going bloody fantastic until tragedy strikes and his life spirals out of control. Sully becomes a barbarian, a down and out, working as a reckless bruiser for a loan shark. Sully drinks, snorts, shoots and smokes his way between maiming clients who owe money to his boss. In some crazy way, he accepts his fate. It’s a shit of a life but someone has to do it! Five years in there is a cameo appearance by a “client” that Sully starts to question his life’s journey. Will he get on the Road to Redemption or take a sharp left down Oblivion Avenue? It’s anyone’s guess, but it seems the only way back for Sully is to fake his own death. It’s complicated.